Monday, August 5, 2013

Fields of Opportunities...

Iowa is full of "fields of opportunities"

Well, I'm back from my trip to Iowa.  It was a great, albeit short, mini vacation.  I attended my sister's graduation from nursing school.  The ceremony was nice and her speech (she was selected as the student speaker) was very inspirational.  It was also funny.  She used humor in her speech as she was probably the oldest of the graduates!

Nursing will be my sister's third career.  About ten years ago, she got her Master's in education and has been teaching English to middle school kids since.  Now, she's a nurse!  I'm thinking she is actually a career student!  

We look like complete opposites; she is blonde and blue and I'm brown and brown.  She'd be mortified if I told you she is older than me...but, she is 10 months older!   Seriously, I'm super proud of her and I know she's going to be a great nurse!  

She loved the quilted wall hanging I gave her except she thought the back was the front.  I assured her she could hang it either way she wanted.  She really loved that it matched the quilt I gave her for her ahem 39th birthday... 

One last tidbit...I'm super excited about the vintage quilt I found a few weeks ago at Good JuJu KC.  I think the pattern is called, Around the World.  It is so awesome.  It was hand quilted!  I've put on my daughter's bed just for the photo.  I'm actually working on the Breezes quilt I started for her last February....this will the subject of a future post!   

Have a great week everyone!  Chat with you again soon!



  1. Great find at the thrift and it looks great on daughter's bed...Nice pic of you and your sister....3rd career, yes, perpetual student but heck why not do what you want when you want. xox

  2. So glad you had a nice time with your sister...good luck in her new career! I adore the quilt you found...what a great looks great on your daughter's bed! Have an awesome day!!